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Eye Care Tips in childhood

Created on 27-08-2019

1. Diet: A normal balanced diet comprising of red and green leafy vegetables like spinach, carrots, beetroot and yellow fruits including mango and papaya which are rich in carotene (A precursor of Vitamin A) should be prepared for the child.

2. TV Viewing: Television should be watched at a proper viewing distance of 3.5 meters or more in a well-lighted room.

3. Computer Usage: The child should be encouraged to use it judiciously in order to reduce eye fatigue. The computer screen should be slightly lower than the eye level. This allows complete blinking thereby reducing symptoms of dryness and eye fatigue. This child should consciously blink his/her eyes and give rest to the eyes at intervals.

4. Playing games on the mobile: Phones should be restricted because of the less form factor and the resolution.

5. Lighting: One should have a light source behind while studying. Books should be held at about 14 inches distance.

6. If the child takes an active part in contact sports, then protective eyewear is recommended.

7. Protective goggles are also recommended while swimming; they prevent inflation due to chlorine and reduce the risks of eye infections.

8. Allergic Conjunctivitis is frequently seen in school age, children should be discouraged from rubbing their eyes since it aggravates the allergic process, In addition, due vigilance has to be paid to eye hygiene. Children should not touch their eyes with dirty hands