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Understanding the Differences in Frame Quality

Created on 01-09-2019

Many consumers want to know the difference between glasses that look the same but differ significantly in price. Don't be fooled - typically there's a difference in quality. The finest frames are not only stylish and flattering but are expertly crafted for longer wear and maintain their original appearance without discoloring or corroding.

The most important thing to look for in a frame is if it is mechanically sound. Hinges should be solidly secured to ensure smooth opening and closing. And the frame should have sturdy solder points at the bridge, nose pad, and temple area.

Next, a frame should have a good visual appearance. Oftentimes, the materials used to make many of the cheaper frames don't always hold up and lack the quality finishes protecting the frame material from discoloring. A good quality frame should be corrosion and heat resistant and have an unblemished, highly polished finish.

Lastly, a frame should feel comfortable on your face and have a straight, balanced look to it.