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Optical Frame Warmer

It is suitable for correcting NON-metal eyeglass frames, resin / plate, etc. It is possible to soften the frame without damage by heating, and then adjust and repair the eyeglass frame.

70-130 adjustable:(158-266) After turning on the heating switch, adjust the stepless temperature control knob to choose the temperature you want.

Constant temperature control: This frame heater comes with a constant temperature control to ensure that during the continuous heating process, the temperature of the frame does not continuously increase, but is maintained at the set temperature, which can ensure that during a long heating process No damage to the frame.

Fast heating and low noise: Fast heating and low noise: the frame warmer uses high-quality electric heating wire, which makes the temperature rise quickly and the work efficiency is high. The working noise is lower than 45dB, which is suitable for use in optical shops. The reason for its low noise is that it does not use a high-power air outlet fan, the air output is not large, but it heats up quickly and keeps quiet.

Safety cover + easy operation: Equipped with a wind protection cover, the eyeglass frame can be placed on the heating port without holding it, the heating is faster, and the operator is prevented from being burned. + The operation is very simple, turn on the power, turn on the heating, adjust the temperature knob, and turn off the power and heating after completion. No need to adjust the temperature next time if the material is the same.
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